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Applicants ($40) and Co-signers ($20) both use this form to apply after you have viewed an available unit with our Property Manager. To hold a unit you can make an additional $100 payment with your application


Direct Deposit Form:

Fill out this form with your banking information and return to us to set up either a one time or recurring payment for rent or condo dues without the inconvenience of mail or coming to our office.

Intent To Vacate Form:

When you decide to move out, fill out the Intent to Vacate at least 20 days (per WA State Law) prior to the last day of your month of tenancy.

Maintenance Request Form:

If your unit requires repairs, please fill out this form and submit it to us. We will then call you to set up an appointment for a maintenance technician to come address your concern. 


Move out cleaning checklist:

To help minimize a cleaning deduction from your security deposit, you can follow the same checklist that our cleaners use! 


Pet Agreement/Addendum:

Once you have received permission to bring a pet to your unit, we will need to have a pet agreement on file. Please note that you will be required to carry a Renter’s Insurance Policy when a pet resides at your unit.