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Tenants/Condo Owners


Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently during your tenancy, you may have questions regarding your rental property, suchas parking, noise, pets, roommates, vacating the unit early, etc.  Below is a list of the various issues, the related policies or frequently asked questions asked by Tenants!

Do I have a parking spot?

Most parking at Mission Realty LLC properties is assigned at lease signing, if you live in an apartment complex you are assigned parking spots.  Be sure to read your lease.  In some complexes, no guest parking is available and unreserved parking spots are for permitted vehicles only, other units there are extra spaces that are first come first serve, please review this at move in, or call with questions!

If a vehicle is parked in the wrong space, blocking the garbage area, or is taking up more than one parking space, the vehicle may be towed at your or the vehicle owner’s expense.

Please contact us if you are unsure where you should park.

Where should my guest park?

  • If your lot has been designated a permit only lot, no guest parking is available. Guests will need to park offsite, on the street, or another legally available location.
  • Extra vehicles must be parked offsite, on the street, or other location as legally available.  None of our parking lots can accommodate more vehicles than the number of bedrooms.
  • Oversized vehicles that do not fit in the parking spots are not allowed to park in the parking lot.

Roommate and Lease Take Overs

Roommate disagreements: Mission Realty LLC does not mediate roommate disputes.  Try to work things out or agree for one person to move out.  The easiest and most inexpensive thing is to stay and finish out your lease.